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How to prepare for your first session

How to Best Prepare

How to Best Prepare

How to Best Prepare


No fasting or special measures are necessary prior to your first colonic. 

However we will often suggest diet changes or other colon cleansing support between sessions for best results.

We do recommend that you eliminate meat and dairy 24 hours before and on the day of your session for best results. Please also avoid caffeine, carbonated beverages and alcohol on the day of your session. Enjoy plenty of filtered water, fresh fruit juices, herbal teas, smoothies, soups, cooked eggs, cooked fish, fruit and vegetables.

If you have chronic constipation taking a natural laxative like Magnesium Calms or Cleanse More from Renew Life (sold in clinic) the night before your session can help prepare your bowel for elimination. Probiotics are often an essential part of healing, restoring & repairing the gut. We offer a top brand for sale in clinic.


Avoid solid food 2 hours before your session. Do not consume anything except water or herbal tea (no dairy) 1 hour before your session.  You can bring a light snack of fruit or order a smoothie following your session. We offer a fresh vegan smoothie for $5 to enjoy after your colonic.

Relax, colonics are not painful, messy or scary, they are a very comfortable way to help eliminate accumulated waste and help restore regularity. You are in caring well trained hands at our center.

Intake Form

How to Best Prepare

How to Best Prepare


Please print & fill in your intake form (link above) before your session. 

Or arrive 10 mins prior to your scheduled time to fill out in the clinic. 

We will go over this in detail before your session to get a snap shot of your current health and goals. We will also discuss any contraindications you may have (these are listed on the form). Your safety & comfort are our top priority! 

Colonics are an essential part of any major diet or health change you wish to start. When you begin with colonics as you make changes to your diet you see and feel the benefits and results much faster. No cleanse can begin or be completed without colonics to support opening the elimination channels of which your skin and bowel are the largest.